A Weekend Away

After nearly 2 months in Peru, I finally managed to leave Lima for the first time. This past weekend, I took a quick side trip with my friends David and Andrea 5 hours south to Ica, Huacachina, and the Islas Ballestas. With less than a week left of my practicum in Lima, this trip was a bit of a warm-up for the 5 weeks of travel I have planned starting next weekend.

My practicum, speaking of which, has been an absolutely amazing experience that I’ll have to elaborate on soon. I’ve learned more than I imagined possible in such a short time about TB, epidemiology, and public health; made friends with wonderful researchers from Peru and around the world; and hopefully contributed a bit to the research as well. But more on that another time. This post is about travel…

2013-07-14 09.33.11

Huacachina, Peru

So, after a 5 hour bus ride with the latest Fast and Furious movies as company (seem to be a big thing here), the three of us arrived in Ica, a town described in my guidebook as having a “downtrodden air” with a “richly deserved reputation for theft.” Fortunately this wasn’t our final destination and a 10 minute taxi ride brought us to Huacachina, a desert oasis just outside of the town.

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