To Bulgaria and Beyond

In a couple hours I’ll be flying to Eastern Europe again for 10 days or so with 3 high school friends. With luck, we’ll visit Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Turkey, though the plan could definitely change while we’re there. I think we’re all pretty clueless about the region as a whole, but the resulting spontaneity should add to the experience. Some of the best travel experiences I’ve had were completely spontaneous. I flew into Medellin, Colombia to find every hostel and hotel room full. Fortunately, this led to an amazing experience with the Couch Surfing community, exploring the mountainous region during the biggest festival of the year. I ended up in Serbia because I found a cheap train ride from Slovenia and it ended up being a really fun city. Leaving some of the trip up to chance means we might miss out on some tourist sights, but hopefully our flexibility will allow us to be open to any opportunities that arise.

Here’s a rough plan of what we’re hoping to do while abroad:

Sofia, Bulgaria → Skopje, Macedonia → Prizren, Kosovo → Istanbul, Turkey


Wednesday, March 5th – Brian flies out of Austin

Thursday, March 6th – Brian arrives in Sofia, Bulgaria after a long layover in Munich, Germany.

Friday, March 7th – Austin, Bunker, and Kykta fly out of their respective cities. Brian takes early bus to Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Saturday, March 8th – Brian returns to Sofia by bus. Austin, Bunker, and Kykta arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria in the afternoon.

Sunday, March 9th – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Monday, March 10th –Early bus to Skopje, Macedonia.

Tuesday, March 11th – Early bus to Prizren, Kosovo.

Wednesday, March 12th – Early bus back to Skopje, Macedonia. 

Thursday, March 13th – Fly to Istanbul, Turkey in the afternoon.

Friday, March 14th – Istanbul, Turkey.

Saturday, March 15th – Istanbul, Turkey. Austin and Kykta fly out early morning from Istanbul.

Sunday, March 16th – Brian and Bunker fly out early morning from Istanbul.

Bulgaria and Beyond

Bulgaria and Beyond

4 countries. 4 languages. 4 currencies. 2 alphabets. 2 continents.

Should be a fun trip. I’ll post updates here and pictures on Instagram (@brianwlackey) and Flickr.

Ще поговорим по-късно! (Bulgarian: See you later!)


2 thoughts on “To Bulgaria and Beyond

  1. wdlackey@aol.com says:

    So dear Brian,

    It looks like you are in Bulgaria! I hope your trip so far has been good. Did you see any of Munich, or just stay at the airport? Hope your friends arrive safely tomorrow and you all have a great time and experience. Take care of yourself.

    Love you, grand dad, wes

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