Some Awesome Things

In a post-exams cleaning frenzy yesterday, I came across a notebook I had written in earlier this year. On my sister’s recommendation, I had attempted to keep a gratitude journal of sorts for a few months. As one of several experiments I was doing at the time, I didn’t give it much thought afterwards and lost the journal and habit after arriving in Peru. Reading back through the list out of context revealed some of that which brought me joy and, probably more importantly, the distinct lack of material goods among those things for which I was grateful.

The gratitude towards nonmaterial things, friends and family, and simple pleasures reminded me, especially during the holiday season, of that which is really important. I thought it’d be fun to share a random, unordered sample from the notebook:

My family

Live music

Free-range eggs

Good conversations



Food processors


Math skills


The feeling when you finish a really good book

Marcus Aurelius


Unexpectedly cold days when you’ve already come to terms with summer’s eminent arrival

Spending time with friends

Not living in West Campus

Philosophical conversations with my dad


Seeing other people accomplish their goals


Smoked paprika

Dropping everything school related (because you’ve accomplished enough for the day) to grab a beer with friends

Meat thermometers

GlobeMed meetings


Cold fronts

When things cost an exact multiple of one dollar

Active hope

Healthcare systems

Farmers markets

Meeting randomly weird people

Introverted Friday nights

Test curves


Focaccia bread




People who always manage to find the perfect gift



Unusually good customer service

People who help you move


3 thoughts on “Some Awesome Things

  1. wdlackey@aol.com says:

    Those are awesome and of much more import than a lot of things that occupy our thoughts and time.

    Hope the semester is over and all is well. Love you, grand dad, wes

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